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do you have someone in your life who holds you accountable for your actions?… one who can tell you when youre wrong, trippin’, actin’ up etc… and knows that everything isnt always all good…one who knows that everything is permissible, but not necessarily beneficial. you know, a grown up. those people are invaluable because there is a world full of trouble and heartache out there waitin’ for ya… and while we’d looove to think that we are insusceptible to … well.. bein’ stupid… (smiles)… we know deep inside that life has a way of showing us exactly what we are made of. i rock a bright smile… but ive experienced some thangs…livin’, learnin’ and sharing. check your team. much ♥.

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“all things are lessons that God would have us learn…

and the best students… get the hardest tests.”

– Iyanla Vanzant

5 Truths To Transform Communication In Your Relationship

doin’ work…


                       Jesse of 1of1 Customs painting one of the walls.

Rasta of 1of1 Customs working on one of the walls at the girls facility.


I’m just trying to stay within the lines!

Tonight, my friends Jesse and Rasta of 1of1 Customs and I went out to a residential rehabilitation facility for teen offenders. It’s always great to spend time with these particular youth to encourage them and to remind them that where they are now is only a pitstop. Naturally, their day to day consists of a pretty strict regimen, where order is mandatory and while the staff cares for them, they must maintain the role of disciplinarian. It feels good to be able to come in and encourage them to just be… kids. Laugh, dance, paint, ask questions… ask me what my hair looked like before I cut it… if I know how to do the latest dance…show Rasta and Jesse their own artwork, impress us with their own unique talents and gifts… We come in to love up on ’em just a little bit, knowing that one of these days they’ll be right back out there in this crazy….CRAZY world. All we can do is hope to speak a word of encouragement and inspiration that may stick with them once they leave the confines of the facility.

It’s a blessing to be able to connect with them…and to be able to relate to them. I go out, hoping to inspire at least one but I ALWAYS leave inspired by them all. I hope that my journey presents countless opportunities to do this work because ultimately, this is what I’m supposed to be doing…

Its bigger than hip hop.. hip hop…hip hop….


ya girl,


Learn more about Jesse and Rasta’s work at

here’s my new video for my song if you..

if you… is on my album, the love ep, which can be purchased here:

dot dot dot

wanna be trusted? be open.


so.. ive literally been on the couch for about five hours, working on my craft. i love it when the inspiration hits with such force. i havent left the couch…this is a bit gross, but its 6:50PM and im JUST about to go shower. LoL. it be’s like that sometimes… hey. the people want raw, gritty, funky music right?

dont judge me.







well.. ive been considering starting a blog for  a good while… i even have a tshirt that says “im busy… read my blog..” but.. there’s no blog. actually, there is a blog out there somewhere that i started several years ago… i just have no clue where it went. LoL.

anyway… the other day it was suggested to me that i start a blog… as another way to connect with people. im an artist… an emcee to be exact.. and i happen to really enjoy building with my listeners and “followers”. i have a really hard time saying “fans” for some reason… its not that i think i am unworthy, i just feel like my connection with the people who listen to my music goes a little beyond the term. perhaps i think we are closer than we truly are. 😉

if you are unfamiliar with me… my name is DY. short for dynasty. im a dreampusher… which means that i am consistently pushin’ forward toward my dreams and encouraging others to do the same along the way. one of the main ways that i do this is through my music which you can check out here —->

at any rate… ive set up shop here.. and i have no idea what i will ramble on about as the days pass. i may share a life lesson that ive learned.. or i may post a pic of the most beautiful cake ive ever seen. who knows?…

time will tell.

in the meantime, you have a beautiful day….or several beautiful days until we get to connect again.Image

ya girl,



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