well.. ive been considering starting a blog for  a good while… i even have a tshirt that says “im busy… read my blog..” but.. there’s no blog. actually, there is a blog out there somewhere that i started several years ago… i just have no clue where it went. LoL.

anyway… the other day it was suggested to me that i start a blog… as another way to connect with people. im an artist… an emcee to be exact.. and i happen to really enjoy building with my listeners and “followers”. i have a really hard time saying “fans” for some reason… its not that i think i am unworthy, i just feel like my connection with the people who listen to my music goes a little beyond the term. perhaps i think we are closer than we truly are. 😉

if you are unfamiliar with me… my name is DY. short for dynasty. im a dreampusher… which means that i am consistently pushin’ forward toward my dreams and encouraging others to do the same along the way. one of the main ways that i do this is through my music which you can check out here —-> http://www.yagirldy.com.

at any rate… ive set up shop here.. and i have no idea what i will ramble on about as the days pass. i may share a life lesson that ive learned.. or i may post a pic of the most beautiful cake ive ever seen. who knows?…

time will tell.

in the meantime, you have a beautiful day….or several beautiful days until we get to connect again.Image

ya girl,




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