i Big Chopped…it was fun.. now what?!


It’s been about a month and a half since I cut my hair. I’ve been loving the change.. but when I look at pics of my long locs, I do miss them… a little. On the other hand, I am completely fascinated by my new hair. Not the style…but my actual hair itself.

You see, this is the first time that I am seeing my hair grow out of my head (the shaved part) in an unaltered state. I mean, I know that I experienced this as a baby.. lol.. but my hair was blow dried and pressed at a young age… shortly after came the perms/relaxers. When I did decide to loc, I started by two strand twisting my straightened hair. When I had about a half inch of new growth, I did my big chop. So, watching my hair grow out… in its purest form has me absolutely captivated. I can’t stop touching it. I get why dudes walk around brushing their hair.. It… feels… great! LoL.

I am at a weird spot though.. as much as I am loving this…I have to wonder what comes next. Its been about six weeks and I am ready to let my hair grow out… but how?? Am I going to walk around with an AFRO on the sides and locs on top? LOL. My stylist is going to have to get really creative with this one.

At any rate, I’m loving the journey and all of the amazing things that my hair can do.




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