nothing before its time…

…on many occasions, i find myself saying… “if i knew then, what i know now.. i would be… ” or “i would have…” i must continuously remind myself that i did the best i could with what i had at the time. i made the best decisions possible with the knowledge and experience base that i had at the time. there are so many things that i THINK that i could have done differently to wind up with different outcomes. maybe if i moved this particular piece to left and kept this piece right here…maybe i would be at a different point in life. but the reality is…i dont KNOW that to be true.

so then, why should i use this brilliant mind to dream up hypotheticals instead of dreaming up possibilities for my future?…

ahh. that sounds good… doesnt it?

easier said than done, but im a work in progress… im also an artist, which means that i have a vivid imagination. i can conjure up an image of my “could have been life” that is the stuff that movies are made of… but at least im wise enough to know the difference between illusion and reality.

im growing and learning.

work with me. (im talkin’ to myself again…)



Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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