got gas?


i remember… this one time… i was driving from Miami to Tampa and i’d forgotten to get gas before i got on Alligator Alley, a LONG stretch of I-75, with no exits and no gas stations… i can’t say how long exactly, but lets just say that you should proooobably have more than a quarter tank of gas before you hit it. ( ….

anyway, i was a lil ways in when i realized that i was very low on gas and i started to panic. i didnt want to be stuck on the highway, alongside the Everglades, during summertime, in Florida, with no AC, by myself… waiting for AAA to find me. i pulled over and sat for a while… thinking. i was SO nervous…a decision had to be made. should i make a u-turn across this HUGE median in my Mustang or try to keep going?

i keep this story in my mind because it reminds me to make sure that i have what i NEED before i move forward. how you gonna start a journey without your basic fundamentals? i mean, my goodness, Diana (that’s what my mama named me)…so anxious to get to my destination that I forgot the basic necessity…the essentials.

think about it… there is always a decision to be made about something.. there is always something we want to be and somewhere that we want to go…picture it. it looks good, right?

now ask yourself, do you have what you NEED to get there?

check your tank.




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