…so much on my mind that i cant recline.

…just had a crazy dream, now I’m wide awake!
I dreamt that the man across the street (Tom Cruise lookin’ fella) was beating his lady…(which is interesting because it was my grandma’s house in Queens and nobody on the block looked like Tom Cruise..) anyway….apparently, I’d heard her screams before…but this time they were fighting outside…he hit her and I yelled thru slanted blinds “get your hands off of her! the cops are on the way!”…this dude climbed the wall..up to the roof and said….”if this git* (sp.?) doesn’t shut up I’ll get her too”…I went downstairs to tell my grandmother (who is deceased)…and as we were talking..he jumped through our window. what the? She started yelling “run!”…and that’s when I woke up.
Now I can only think about 3 things.. 1) maybe I eat too much sugar… did you ever hear that when you were little? eat sugar before bed and you’ll have nightmares. (Note to HH…No, I didn’t eat that brownie before bed!) 2) maybe I’ve watched too many movies… 3) I need to hurry up and shoot this vid that I’ve been working on for the last few months…it deals with abuse.
I lied… there’s a fourth…
4) Domestic violence is a serious thing..if you are in an abusive relationship, get out NOW before it’s too late!
ok…I’m gonna try to go back to sleep now. take care, peeps.
*git is Tampa vernacular for kid.

Happy New Year!! …startin’ 2013 off right w/my NEW joint featuring Talib Kweli!! Talib has been one of my top three fav emcees since the Black Star album dropped over 12 years ago… dreams come true…keep pushin’ fwd! =)

ya girl,


smile... we did it!

we’ve made it through another year. =)

…there is a lot to be said about 2012. i’ll keep it short by saying that i am grateful. for ALL that i have experienced…(the good and the not so good at the time)…and for all of the continued support that i have received from those near and far. it means more than you know. thank you!

wishing EVERYONE an amazing, prosperous, love-filled, purposeful, dreamcatchin’ 2013.

ya girl

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