...forward motion.

“when I’m not here, I ain’t gone… I’m living life in between the songs…”


Life has been kind of crazy lately… the highest of highs coupled with some lows. If I were to say the lowest of lows, I’d be exaggerating…in my true dramatic fashion… It’s not THAT serious… I mean.. it’s been kinda serious… but not THAAAT serious. You feel me? Am I rambling?

Through it all though, I have my constant….my music. It’s been so good to me. We make a good team. A nice couple. We look so good together. 😉 I just love it so.

When I am on the stage I am in my element. Nothing else really matters for that moment… During that three minute song or that thirty minute set, I am GOOD. Whatever is in me that isn’t “good” will be left on the stage… while my best pours outward and upward. I’m walking in my purpose. This is my dream manifested. This is my time… those minutes…. My TIME. I’m not worried about what’s next… I’m in the now. Those are some of the few moments when I am living in the NOW…and I am grateful for each and every moment that I have to be consumed by my gift.

“Said I’m a living breathing sign of the TIMES, I’m alive, I’m HERE… so what I’m gon’ fear?….nothin’ but missing my callin’ and so I can’t stall… say I give a whole lot? .. nah, I give ALL…”

Had a show last night…it was pretty dope… I had a moment, while performing Magnificent where I got totally caught up in my own inner thoughts and I just stopped the song and started talking about how dope it was to see my dreams come true.. it was at the line where I talk about how I opened for Mos… then I jumped back into the song and finished with the last verse acapella and the crowd really felt it.. lol. That has NEVER happened to me before… but I suppose it was necessary because once I stopped rhyming… the words were coming out whether I wanted them to or not… I didn’t know how that was going to go but it totally worked… whew… =)

“When I felt like nobody cared who was there … you, when everything else failed who was there, YOU… they say they understand everything I been through… but it don’t compare cause you are my TRUTH….” – its for the music. Keep pushin’ forward.


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