what is the point of dreaming?….

…my dreams from 2:00-8:00am..

i end up on the elevator with Buckshot…he tells me that i smell good and asks me what oils im wearing…(random!!)…i sign up for a women’s business group and they send us on a two week trip to different major organizations.. one is the Girls Scout Foundation… we have to share rooms…i go to lunch with one lady and on the way out there is a buffet table full of CAKE… i pause… we are told to help ourselves..we start making big plates to take back to the others (haha..riiight)… as we are talking about the others we realize that we cant remember the last time that we’ve seen one (who happens to be my friend in “real life”)..but we are quite confident that she came on the trip…(i need to call her today!)… in thinking about her, we remember the last time we saw her she was developing a new fitness model, a new workout… which i was trying in my dream….then i woke up…and when i woke up, i realized that workout idea is pretty freaking good and i need to talk to some of my friends in fitness because i just MAY be on to something!

the point of this RAMBLE…you have to dream a lot to discover what works for you!! cant have goals without vision. =) keep dreamin’! (start doing!)


with love,



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