baby im a STAR… in life’s clothing.

photo (32)its been sooo long since I have posted on my wordpress site.

at least it feels that way.

so much has been going on.. where did we leave off? did I even tell you how amazing Germany and Austria were in May? it was my first international tour and I was so blown away by the people, the cities and the culture. Hip hop is alive and well there. sometimes people in the States like to say hip hop is dead.. when I got there, I was like “maybe it just moved…” the reality though, hip hop is very much alive and well all round us although some would love to have us believe otherwise.


“said im a living breathing sign of the times, im alive im here!”… (sign of the times, a star in lifes clothing)


after my first tour, i came home and kept working.. as i mentioned, i signed on with Jakarta Records to release the new album.. well, there was more work to be done than i’d expected. when you are doing things officially, its important to get it right.. this wasnt a mixtape.. this isnt a hobby.. it had to be right. im grateful for the guidance from Jannis at Jakarta, who really helped me cross my “T”s and dot my “I”s…together, with help from a few others, we really whipped this album into shape and got it ready to release THIS FRIDAY, October 18th. =)

while I was home working on finalizing the album, I was also working on a second international tour. I connected with Miska Events, based in Paris, and we put together another tour. this time, I would be heading to Portugal and France for six shows in five cities. that tour happened in September and it was another magnificent experience. Portugal was amazing! I set the tour off in Porto and the crowd’s energy was electric.  I started spittin’ Magnificent and they were right there with me, word for word. The next day, long time supporter and FB friend, Denis, took us out on a tour of the city. it was beautiful… and so was the food. 😉

when I got to Paris, play time was over! it was straight biz mode. two video shoots, a show and a photo shoot took up most of my time. I did manage to squeeze in some time to catch a dope pic in front of Moulin Rouge and to visit the Eiffel Tower.



I had to pause and take in the moment.. i said to myself “wow, hip hop brought me here!”… the show in Paris at L’International was amazing…it was packed and the crowd showed a lot of love.

after Paris, I headed off to Lyon for two shows.  the first was at a hotel/retaurant called Mama Shelter. banging food.. but much of the crowd didnt seem to expect me. well, several people came for the show, but they did not have seats.. those who were seated and eating looked thoroughly surprised when I jumped on the stage and said “whaddup peeps, my name is dynasty aka ya girl DY!!”…ha! i truly fely like a hip hop wedding singer.. “hows everybody doing? I came to do a few songs for you tonight.. I hope you enjoy” … but I got through it and caught a few smiles from the patrons and even a couple of head nods like “right on, sista!…dream..pusher!”

I ended the tour in Montreuil at La Station Services. that was a really dope show. two young men showed up nice and early with roses for me. the sweetest thing. i had a great time with that crowd, it was very interactive and I rocked with the Paris DJs who really held me down!

Now… I am preparing to release my first full length album, A Star in Life’s Clothing! .. it drops THIS Friday through Jakarta Records.

It’s really something special… and I’m not just saying that because I birthed it. 😉

check it out here and make sure to get your copy!

oh, and if you’re anywhere near Tampa Bay… or if you feel like traveling, come out at see me on 10/18 at the orpheum as we celebrate the release and a bunch of other magnificently, epic, supadynasty things.












Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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