what about yo friends….

“Good friends can say tough things to you because they care enough about you…In fact I think that people who really love you will invest at the risk of falling out with you… to tell you the truth..

The sign of an imposter is somebody who always says what you WANT to hear…Many, many many businesses fall, families fall all because nobody has the nerve to say the tough things that need to be said.. to the person that it needs to be said to… I hate to tell you this.. but people who speak well of you all the time, you can not trust that they like you…sometimes you can not evalaute who a person is by the message that they bring…  the fact that they bring something that is hard to hear does not mean that they don’t love you.. it could mean that they are making an investment in your destiny and that they care enough to risk your disdain to confront you with the truth.” … – TD Jakes

thats a word right there.   


Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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