there is work to be done…

This quote, from an incredible young poet that I know really moved me this morning.. I was JUST having a discussion regarding this topic the other day.. and was basically told that it is all in my head, that I’m looking for negativity and it was even made light of with a few jokes…it threw me off for a moment.. but I bounced right back as I know that there is still work to be done.. and to be bothered for more than a moment… would be a waste of valuable energy. I also understand that the person doesn’t have ill intentions…he’s a great person. But like anything, when its not your experience… it can be hard to understand. Anyway… here is the quote:

“I really miss movies and shows staring people who look like me that has nothing to do with talent. I want a show with a person of color who doesn’t have to dance or sing or isn’t the token black person. I want to see a show about people of color that doesn’t revolve around them having bad attitudes or being sassy or having horrible parents. I want to see a show with whole, flawed and perfected female characters – and with whole, flawed and perfected male characters – that show growth and wisdom and transformations without the gimmicks…. I will be apart of a show like this one day.” – Nia Scott


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