I meant to tell you this yesterday… well, the other yesterday.


2:28 pm.

on the train from Paris to Nantes…you know, I’m still trying to determine the proper way to pronounce that. Is it Nantes like Pants?…or does it sound like Nonce? or…like Non-tes? I’ll figure it out before I hit the stage. 😉 just finished the set list.. it’s a long one. I hope my Nantes peeps really want an hour with me! it always flies by anyway though.

I’m really looking forward to rocking at hip opsession. this was actually the “anchor” show for this tour. It’s the Jakarta Records night. Premier rocked this festival a few days ago. would have been dope to catch him out here.

the schedule is pretty hectic. we started traveling at 730am and we will arrive in Nantes around 430 and head straight to soundcheck. from there, I’ll head to the hotel to get ready…then I have an interview and the show starts. i am closing the show, but if course I wanna be there early to support my Jakarta Records crew…plus I am a fan of iamnobodi.  =)

I’m not even sure if we will sleep after the show.  we’ll prob be home close to 3am and we have a 630am flight. ouch.


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