Gothenburg – 2/20

dear gothenburg,

it was nice to meet you.

I didn’t even get to see you in the daylight but still…I think I love you.

we got in at 7:45pm…and now we are sneaking out at 4:45 am…catching a red eye. somethin’ about this feels so wrong. 😉

really though.. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a club that has a basketball court on the dance floor…and when y’all were still shooting hoops while sandman was warming up…I thought “word?…so y’all really just gonna play a game of H.O.R.S.E. through my set?”…  but as soon as I hit the stage you all headed my way and we had a lovely evening together. thank you. even though i got busted in the face by a basketball.. (i knew it would happen) while chillin’ after the show… i still love you.

now… for everyone else, you should know that I am runnin’ on fumes right now. not sure when the crash will hit…but it will. I like to get my 7-8 hours of sleep and as of now, I haven’t been to sleep since yesterday morning.

we arrive in Lyon around noon and my first stop is BED.





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