Heading to Poland…

4:57pm …on a flight from Geneva, France to Berlin, Germany.

As I already told you, Lyon was absolutely incredible. The culture is alive and well there…it’s such a beautiful thing to connect with hiphop heads across the ocean. This culture truly transcends all boundaries.

We have a show in Poznan, Poland tonight. We had a two hour car ride to the airport. I slept for most of it…when I opened my eyes and took out my headphones I heard Sandman saying that we might miss our flight. Those are the last words you want to wake up to! I looked at the time…it was 2:30…boarding time…3:30. “relax D, it’s cool…you’ll make it”…I tried to stay positive even though we were surrounded by mountains and there was no airport in sight. These mountains, majestic and beautiful, were calming enough to keep me from entering panic-mode.

We walked into the airport at 3:05 and were met by a long bag drop line.  DJ Boogie Blind had warned us via a FB comment about Easy Jet…and here we were …LATE. Fortunately, Sum has a friend who is an easyJet agent and she pulled us from the line to expedite our check in…she also blessed us by allowing us to check an additional bag for free. Apparently you can only have ONE carry one with no personal item on easyJet.  She handed us our boarding passes and said “run”…and we did. We made it to the gate in time for boarding and breathed a (heaving) sigh of relief.

Something beautiful happened after that but I’ll share in another post. =)

Poznan…here we come.



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