supadynasty. dirty biz. last night, we were heading home from the Berlin gig (which was packed and amazing!! ) and when we got to the stairs, to exit the area… there were huge rats running around… i mean RUNNING and JUMPING!! lol. never seen anything like it! yo… after a few loud squeals (i wasnt the only one ) i just RAN up the stairs… kicking my legs behind me so fast and hard that i kicked Greg‘s black fist afro pick out of his hair…lol!!…the pick bounced down the steps one by one…he turned to grab it and almost knocked Sandman (who was running up the stairs too, with a big box) backwards down the stairs with guys thought i was a true thug because apparently, a rat was running up the railing right under my feet… so it looked like i was chasing HIM… but i had no clue. i just wanted to escape. the end. (this really happened.)

maybe this is why i love Berlin so much.. it reminds me of NYC. =P those were subway rats on caffeine.

btw, this is where i shot:




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