i really enjoyed this interview!! =)

awesome questions by Głova! if you want to get to know me
better, this is DEF one to check out.



…heard some beautiful music last night that has me feelin’ inspired today.

the love EP… vol. 2?

hmm. anything is possible. 😉

when i step up in the place..

ayo i step correeeeect!!


i got you all in check! ‪#‎bustabiz‬ ‪#‎crazyhair‬ ‪#‎sillysaturday‬ 😉

have a great, FUN weekend, peeps! =)


one of my favs. ever.


turned on the tv while cleaning and this message was on…sharing a few points that resonated with me:

if it’s not positive and productive let it go…

you won’t have a positive life with a negative mind…

not everyone will get you…or treat you the way you’d like. that is okay. trying to persuade others can be a distraction. when you have been shown favor, stay focused. guard your heart. keep stress out. work on not being so easily offended. be still.

when you allow others to offend you…when you allow the same things/people to frustrate you, you give away your power. life is too short to live that way. if you don’t keep your walls up (against offense and negativity) it will keep you from the fullness of your destiny.

keep pushin’ fwd.

peace. =)


dear: Nantes, Gothenburg, Lyon, Poznan, Krakow, Berlin, Aubervilliers, Stockholm, Bremen, Budapest, Sopot, Szczecin, Katowice, Copenhagen.

thank you for bringing me JOY. ❤

Special thank you to Karin at Subotage Ent.

photo: Daniel Kempf-Seifried

…dy – the happy emcee.

…two interviews tonight…during which i was told “you smile a lot…youre not like most emcees…” i smile because i am happy and i am GRATEFUL… or i suppose i should say i am happy because i am grateful…secondly, i was told that i take lot of time hugging my supporters and taking pics… my supporters are my priority. they came to see me and i will stand there for an hour PLUS to hug and take pics which each and everyone while i still can… one day, ill be in stadiums… and i wont be able to reach them in this way… so let us cherish these moments. thank you to each and everyone of you for rocking with your girl!! ❤ 


much more to tell you, but will catch up when i can.

its 4am here in Katowice, Poland. gotta head to the airport in four hours!!



…a ramble of gratitude.

…a ramble of gratitude. a video by Ya Girl DY on Flickr.

thank you ❤

Last night in Budapest.


Did i really spend the day walking the streets of Budapest…shopping at a market…shooting for my next video and munching on traditional Hungarian Langos? yes…I did.

Did I really rock for a packed house at Kolor last night? yes…I did.

dope crowd, great vibes and much love given and received. I was a little concerned as my throat was sore and I was losing ole hmy voice…but i told the crow that I was gonna gue them 110% no matter what and they rocked with me from start to finish.

another dope night down…followed by a dope off day.

on our way to the airport now..back to “base” in Berlin. I’m off tonight…tomorrow we drive back to Poland. =)

Four shows left!!

Check this out and share it with your friends. =)

Thank you Marion and Daniel!


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