Stockholm!!! <3

2.28 – just arrived in Stockholm. second time in Sweden on this tour. I am excited, but I am not sure what to expect. there is another hip show going on in the same area, my boy RA the Ruggedman is performing. We’ll see how the crowd turns out.

it’s 2pm. we’re on the road to the hotel. I have interviews at 3 and 530 and soundcheck at 6pm. a lil more sleep would be nice but duty calls. 😉



i had the most amazing interview with a true legend of a journalist, Mats, for P3Soul. (National Radio) I am honored because I am in great company..He has interviewed Rakim, Kendrick, Outkast, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Tupac, Kim and tons more over the past 30 plus years. What a great first experience in Stockholm!


shortly after that i interviewed with Alex of Kingsize Magazine. that was also a GREAT experience. =)

i went on to have an absolutely incredible show in Stockholm. so many people came out for me! its a concert venue, there were no openers and the crowd was GREAT. honestly, that may be the most love i have ever received. the cheers went on and on and on as i stood there waiting to start the next song. i loved them just as much though. had some really special moments at Fasching that i will never forget. =)



i am two weeks in and i am not home sick yet, but i am missing cities and people that ive just left… yet, somehow it feels like forever ago. tour life is fascinating in that way.. .it feels like i was in Lyon two months ago! ..And although today is Sunday and I was in Stockholm just Friday… i miss it already!

i will continue to enjoy every moment and memory made.

life truly is good.







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