11:17am 2/27
I am a bit behind as wifi in Berlin was limited. I feel like i owe you a lot!

where did we leave off?

did we talk about Poland? If not, let me tell you that the two shows that we’ve had so far were dope! Poznan was the first stop. they were live! lots of love, hugs and even some kisses …(on the cheek of course! ;-)…) I brought a dude up on stage to do after laughter and son grabbed the mic out of my hands. I don’t know why he was saying but it sounded like he was battling me. I didn’t mind giving him the shine but I had to tax him for that.  so…I kept his snapback…got me  new hat! “respect the queen from queens..”

the next stop was Krakow. the crowd was a bit smaller as it was a late Sunday night event, but the energy was live. Moved a lot of CDs and took a lot pics. I don’t typically drink..but a couple of supporters insisted on shots…so once biz had been handled, we toasted it up. just one shot…and I poured some of mines into their shot glass. =P

the most special thing about Krakow was that my friend, Denis, came to see me. He lives in Brest, Belarus and traveled a long way by bus for the show. last year, he flew out to Portugal to see me. how dope is it to connect with someone way across the world and get to see them twice in six months? very.

we have been very fortunate in that we aren’t running into any major issues in tour. for the most part, it’s smooth sailing and the shows are going very well. I love rockin in Europe because the crowds after afraid to show love to the artists they love. I had a dude in the front row jumping so high that i thought he would go thru the ceiling. =P but the excitement And love is real.

After Poland we hit the road to Berlin…something wild happened along the way. tell y’all about it in the next post.



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