…dy – the happy emcee.

…two interviews tonight…during which i was told “you smile a lot…youre not like most emcees…” i smile because i am happy and i am GRATEFUL… or i suppose i should say i am happy because i am grateful…secondly, i was told that i take lot of time hugging my supporters and taking pics… my supporters are my priority. they came to see me and i will stand there for an hour PLUS to hug and take pics which each and everyone while i still can… one day, ill be in stadiums… and i wont be able to reach them in this way… so let us cherish these moments. thank you to each and everyone of you for rocking with your girl!! ❤ 


much more to tell you, but will catch up when i can.

its 4am here in Katowice, Poland. gotta head to the airport in four hours!!




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