…be courageous.

…be courageous.

“to stay where you know you do not belong is a failure of courage.” – Author, Sue Monk Kidd

i love it. i acknowledge my desire to be practical… and comfortable. but at the same time, i know that there is more…and furthermore, i know that i am capable of experiencing the life that i want…if i am brave enough. =)

go for it.

good day, peeps. ❤


so… you want me in The BET Cypher, huh?


whaddup peeps. i don’t typically campaign for anything, largely because you all offer SOOO much support that it speaks for itself…. and you know i appreciate it.

ive been thinking though.. every single year when the BET Hip-Hop Awards comes on, i get a ton of tweets and FB messages asking me why i am not there. so instead of waiting until the 4th quarter of 2014 and watching with you guys… trying to figure out how to answer you, i’ve decided to go ahead and direct you to the people who should have the answers…

so, if you really want to see me up there or in a category, now is the time to start making some noise. contact the BET Hip Hop Awards at:

Twitter: @hiphopawards
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HipHopAwards
Website: http://www.bet.com/shows/hip-hop-awards.html

 have you heard me talk about advocating for yourself?… well, yea. this is that. 😉

ps: tell a friend to tell a friend.

thank you for your support!

#operationwakeupBET #dreampusher

still one of my favs!

because its real life. ❤

"YES… im really here today..i manifested to something i never thought i would be/
i cant be tested/ i WORK to be the person you see, i put in effort/
so anybody who hatin on ME wont be respected (ugh)/
you get the message/ ive come so very far/
yesterday i almost quit/ today i am a STAR (in lifes clothing 😉 )/
and not because somebody PUT me there but because/
I am living my dream..i discovered what it was.."

shouts to Wally Clark. =)

peace yall.

have a great day!


For booking/business contact: info@yagirldy.com

Are relationships… investments?

I think that great relationships (friendship, familial, romantic etc.) require an investment of time and energy…now typically when we invest in something, we would like to see a return on our investments. So if I pour love, care, consideration, energy and support into you…I would hope that you would do the same for me… a return on my investment. But then, I also know that we should give without expecting anything in return. So.. how exactly does this work?

Have you mastered the “art” of loving someone without conditions? Like… can you really stick by your friends and love them wholeheartedly even if you feel that they move in ways that are contrary to your personal value system? I’m really having an internal battle with this as I am growing and considering/challenging my OWN values on some things…I’m curious. What are your thoughts?

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