Are relationships… investments?

I think that great relationships (friendship, familial, romantic etc.) require an investment of time and energy…now typically when we invest in something, we would like to see a return on our investments. So if I pour love, care, consideration, energy and support into you…I would hope that you would do the same for me… a return on my investment. But then, I also know that we should give without expecting anything in return. So.. how exactly does this work?

Have you mastered the “art” of loving someone without conditions? Like… can you really stick by your friends and love them wholeheartedly even if you feel that they move in ways that are contrary to your personal value system? I’m really having an internal battle with this as I am growing and considering/challenging my OWN values on some things…I’m curious. What are your thoughts?


One thought on “Are relationships… investments?

  1. Our hearts and minds often conflict with oneanother. While the heart is yearning to hold on to a relationship, the mind is weighing the pros and cons of that relationship (the give and take ). We all are different in regard to the way we think in lots of ways, however we all wish to have love from and give love to those that are closest to us. A true friend is a friend that may sometimes waver, but considers what makes the friendship they have their own. If in life we encounter someone who has become an obstacle on the way towards our goals we tend to disconnect with that person and suffer anguish in our hearts and minds missing that person if they truly had value to us. Ultimately, we should endeavor to build on our relationships. If the persons in the relationship are non abusive (physically, emotionally and financially), then it is a worthwhile venture. Pray on your thoughts and feelings. Let Christ Jesus be your inspiration.

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