dear miss Maya.

dear miss Maya.

thank you. thank you for sharing all that you were with us!

thank you for teaching me that I was phenomenal well before I grew into a woman.

thank you for telling me how you lost…then found your voice…and for sharing that magnificent voice with ME! I am eternally grateful and forever indebted.

thank you for teaching me invaluable lessons.

thank you for influencing me and thank you for being love itself.

thank you for beautiful words that will live forever.

thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. we honor you!


I love this photo! I find myself in it just as I found myself in miss Maya’s words.

my goodness. what a remarkable woman she was.

about the photo:

Maya Angelou doing a little reading in her dressing room before her performance at the Village Vanguard in New York City. Long before she was a poet and writer and the icon we know today, Dr. Angelou was a dancer and singer of folk and calypso songs (she even recorded an album in 1957 called “Miss Calypso” and appeared in the film “Calypso Heat Wave” that same year. This photo was taken by G. Marshall Wilson, who was a staff photographer at Ebony for 33 years. Photo:

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brand new interview with AzOne. we talk about life, inspiration, current events and marriage. yea.. he went there. =)

check it out. get to know me!


thank you Az 1 Promotionz and Mwes Medias. awesome job, guys.

very special thank you to Crumb&Cork, Downtown Tampa for hosting us!

*Upcoming Performance Dates*

Upcoming Spring/Summer Dates:

5/15 – w/ Dead Prez @ Empire Control Room & Garage Austin, TX
5/18 – Find Your Why & Preserve Your Sexy! Special Event at MMFitness, Tampa, FL
6/14 – Radical Self Expression Summit – Atlanta, GA
6/21 – North Holland (details TBA)
6/22 – I Love HipHop Festival The Hague, Netherlands
6/23 – I Love HipHop Festival The Hague, Netherlands
7/11 – Open Air Ottensheim Festival – Ottensheim, Austria
7/12 – splash! Festival Gräfenhainichen, Germany
8/21-23 – Hip Hop Kemp Bohemia, Czech Republic

Still workin’ on this of course. 😉

A Star in Life’s Clothing is on the move… shouts to Jakarta Records.

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