good day, peeps. =)

im so excited to announce that i will be rockin’ at ET The Hip Hop Preacher’s Greatness is Upon You Conference! anyone who has been around for a while knows how significant and meaningful this is to me. ET has been a mentor (in my head =) ) for quite some time now, his words and inspiration have helped me transform my life… last year, i was super excited when he featured Magnificent at the end of one of his videos..he called me personally to let me know and it meant SO much to me…THIS YEAR… i will be get to serve on the same stage as him, rocking at a teen event AND rocking at the conference.

as you can imagine…i am just TOO excited. im happy. im grateful. im doing what i LOVE and walkin’ out my purpose. what!

thats that #dreampusher biz.

the conference will take place on July 19th in Hartford, CT. for more details:

have a beautiful day, peeps! ❤


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