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…it shouldn’t take death to make us appreciate life… bad times to make us appreciate the good…or not so great people to make us appreciate the amazing ones…but that’s the way it goes sometimes. so let me pause right now and be grateful in this space, because I like it here…and I know that one of the best ways to preserve your blessings is by expressing sincere appreciation…and I am all for the preservation of this space. =)

having said that… let me apologize for being MIA for a little bit! my bad, y’all. here is the crazy thing.. as I was sitting here thinking “man, I need to reach out to my peeps” I got an email that said “yo! Don’t forget about your fans now! how was the Netherlands?”… I kid you not, I was sitting here thinking “man.. I didn’t even tell my peeps about that trip”…and that email came through. crazy, right?

so yes, last month we flew out to the Netherlands to rock the I Love Hip Hop Festival in Den Haag. That was doooope. all elements were represented, the place was packed and the energy was live. event organizer, Peter, took great care of us and we met some really amazing people like an emcee by the name of Master Surreal who took us on a tour of Amsterdam. we also rocked in another city called Groningen. I had an amazing time cruising the streets, eating good and taking some quiet time to just reflect and be grateful. there is something about traveling that does that for you… if you do it right. on the last day of the festival we watched the Stone’s Throw film, Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton. if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do so. I thoroughly enjoyed it as well as the discussion that ensued afterwards. I came back inspired and ready to keep working…which I did. I rocked the NoDa Summer Music Fest in Charlotte, NC which was another great experience. I really like Charlotte and the MidAtlantic Music crew (Glenn, James and Kysii) are some really good people to work with. I hope to be back out that way in the fall.

Oh! I also experienced a dream come true. (I love those!) I attended and rocked at the Greatness is Upon You Conference, which was the first conference that was put on by motivational speaker, Eric Thomas. ET has been my virtual mentor for the last year plus and I am so grateful for his influence on my life. When I started listening to him and applying his principles, things really started to shift for me so you KNOW that I was super excited to not only meet him, but to get to serve alongside him at his FIRST conference. the experience was nothing short of amazing. that is a powerful man! my guest and I definitely left convicted, inspired and ready to make some incredible changes in our lives.

Me and ET just before I hit the stage at the conference.

Me and ET just before I hit the stage at the conference.

DY and Micah at the Hartford YMCA Youth Event with ET.

DY and Micah at the Hartford YMCA Youth Event with ET.

ET speaking to the youth at the Hartford YMCA.

ET speaking to the youth at the Hartford YMCA.

its only been a couple of weeks but we are already implementing what we learned and some really good things are happening. =) in my next post, I will share our greatest takeaway with you guys. I feel like I’m beginning to ramble and I don’t want to lose you. 😉

in summary: I have been working on some new music, I am currently writing for the love EP part 2. =) I’ve also been working on taking my youth program, The PUSH Project, to the next level. I’ve updated the site (, so you can find out some more details about that over there.

right now, I am prepping for a few youth events over the next couple of weeks and a live radio interview on WMNF’s Saturday Night Shut Down, 12:00am EST – (TUNE IN!!) I’ll be rocking Hip Hop Kemp in Czech Republic in a few weeks alongside Ceelo Green, Onyx, Black Moon, Barrel Brothers, Bilal and more. I’m not mad at all… 😉

keep in touch with me at and @yagirldynasty on Instagram/Twitter.

as always, thanks for rockin’ with your girl. =) you know I love y’all!!



…this made my heart smile. 2010 interview with DJ Ekin. (hey Ekin!! =) ) This may be my first real, official interview of this caliber. this particular part (3:01) made my eyes sweat a lil. 😉 …. what a difference a year makes, imagine FOUR years! … I’m now a self managed, indie artist and speaker… getting out and touring this world with the support of some awesome friends and of course, my DJ Sandman who saw something in me and said “lets just have fun and see what happens.”….

welp. here we are!

thank you to everyone who has supported me through the years! you are SO appreciated. I still have work to do so stay with me! ❤

Coming up:

7/5 – Charlotte, NC – NoDa Summer MusciFest
7/19 – Hartford, Connecticut – Eric Thomas, Greatness is Upon You Conference

~dy the #dreampusher

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