…be encouraged. (loss of a loved one)

…I wanna encourage somebody who is grieving the loss of a loved one…especially one who was very close to them. when I was eight my aunty Tricia died from brain cancer. she was so young… and I was closer to her than any other adult in my family. she was in the arts and entertainment industry, she loved me sooo much and I just adored her…and she was SO cool. =) I think of her frequently and I wish that she could have been here to help me with a lot of lessons and decisions…but I know that she gave me her ambition and so much more. last night, I was recording a video and I looked at my face and I saw her in it. it blew my mind. that was the first time, that I can recall, ever looking at myself and seeing Tricia. ❤

…the point of it all…the memories never go away, the pain takes a long time to heal and some of it will always remain…. while they are not here in the physical, think of everything that they poured into you during your time together. surely that did not dissipate with them. hold on to that, allow it to inspire you and know that they will forever be with you…. always, ~dy


Maximum Frequency – New Dopeness from my SIS, Sa-Roc!

catch us rocking’ A3C2014 with the dope GODHOP lineup!


Hip Hop Kemp and Berlin Music Week!

…a couple of weeks ago I got to rock at hip hop kemp in Czech Republic. it was my first time there and it was an amazing experience! there were so many dope artists out there from Black Milk to the Skyzoo. I had a dope meet and greet at the LRG tent, where we gave away some of the Star and the Sky Remixes on vinyl. I ate goooood, met a lot of really dope people, spent time with friends and had a banging, packed show! after everything was done, we enjoyed a day in the beautiful city of Prague before heading back to the States.

here are some pics and footage from the weekend!





ice cream kemp

kemp group

prague airport

Video Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LDwzcnoQhQ

…the following week I was back in Europe, this time in Germany. if you know me, you know that Germany is one of my most favorite places to visit. I was excited to visit Cologne for the first time. it was a really cool city. very historic with a lot of modern touches. in my downtime, I stayed just on the outskirts of the city. it was GORGEOUS. Ive never seen anything like it before in “real life”. lol. there was a forest behind the house and you could see mountains off in the distance. it was a lovely experience to be in the stillness of it all, taking in the fresh, crisp air. I stayed with my friend’s mom and she was such an amazing hostess. She took me on a tour of the city and she fed me! lol. you know I was happy.

…the show in cologne was at a packed club called Subway for the Beatpackers Party. I rocked with DJ Jam and the energy was LIVE!! I did a few songs since it was just a teaser for a bigger show in January…but the crowd demanded another, so that’s what we did. the next day, we were off to Berlin to chill with my Jakarta Records fam. Farhot, Sterio, IAMNOBODI and I rocked at YAAM as a part of Berlin Music Week…man, I went on at 2:45am. it was a dope night…but at around 4am I had to lay down on the side of the stage. LOL! Berlin def knows how to party. Later that day I rocked at the Berlin Music Festival which was also a really dope show. I met Belgian artist, Coely. she had great energy and gives an amazing show. if you haven’t heard of her, check her out!!

…here are some pics from my time in Germany. =)

jannis mom



me and nobodicrew


…I will be back in Europe all of December into January! looking forward to new cities and new adventures. if you want to see me, hit me up at http://www.yagirldy.com. 😉 ❤

…take care of yourselves, peeps. always, ~dy

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