…be encouraged. (loss of a loved one)

…I wanna encourage somebody who is grieving the loss of a loved one…especially one who was very close to them. when I was eight my aunty Tricia died from brain cancer. she was so young… and I was closer to her than any other adult in my family. she was in the arts and entertainment industry, she loved me sooo much and I just adored her…and she was SO cool. =) I think of her frequently and I wish that she could have been here to help me with a lot of lessons and decisions…but I know that she gave me her ambition and so much more. last night, I was recording a video and I looked at my face and I saw her in it. it blew my mind. that was the first time, that I can recall, ever looking at myself and seeing Tricia. ❤

…the point of it all…the memories never go away, the pain takes a long time to heal and some of it will always remain…. while they are not here in the physical, think of everything that they poured into you during your time together. surely that did not dissipate with them. hold on to that, allow it to inspire you and know that they will forever be with you…. always, ~dy


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