DY Live on ya RADIO!


whaddup peeps!

I will be on the radio, rocking with Ebone Cruz, once again – TOMORROW!! This time I will be joining her and her crew as a guest host on #OnTheCruz!

The theme of this program is a new and fresh radio show designed to “empower and entertain on your daily cruise to work! The anchors of this high-energy, four hour show is packed lively chats from Ebone Cruz show host, personal testimonies, field experts, everyday professionals, and many more other perspectives plus real advice. The show also brings exclusive interviews with top performers, local celebrities, politicians and civic leaders.

Please join us, wherever you are in the world, for a ton of fun. I will be joining them from 12-2PM EST. Tell a friend to tell a friend!! ✌️❤️ #theagmnetwork #onthecruz #dythedreampusher



Morning (or Afternoon :) ) Inspiration!

Nice way to set off this morning’s writing session. Dope. 🙂 ❤


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