hip hop for the babies. :)

whaddup. =)

hoping you are beyond well… hoping you are absolutely magnificent!

as for me, I’m pretty good. I’ve spent most of the summer thus far running a hip hop summer camp for 6-12 year olds. it was an  amazing experience. over the course of four weeks, i had an opportunity to teach about 70 children. we talked about hip hop history, danced, wrote rhymes, designed shirts and much more. we talked about the elements of hip hop and my friend, Charlie Chase of The Cold Crush Brothers, even stopped by to connect with my babies. (photos below)

i didn’t realize just how much effort it took to work with young people on a day to day basis! they really need your full attention and each one has different needs. they taught me a lot! (i tip my hat to moms, dads, and full time teachers!) while it was exhausting at times, it was so rewarding.. there is nothing like the love of a child. 🙂

of course, i am still running The Push Project and we will continue to serve youth through our work shops. you can find out more about that at http://www.thepushproject.com. ❤

aside from that, I’m working on the new project and planning an east coast/canada tour for september! yay! if interested in bringing me to your city hit up dythedreampusher@gmail.com.

all the best. 🙂


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