she LIVES.



hey y’all. =) i couldn’t resist naming this post “she lives” because leave it to my blog posts… you would think that i have disappeared! however, if you have been keeping in touch with me via other social media outlets (mainly FB), you know that i am indeed alive and GREAT!

i’m trying to train myself to do better at keeping in touch with everyone. i’m trying to remember (to remember) that not everyone is hooked on FB like me. i really like FB because i am able to easily interact with everyone there…i’m a sucker for instant gratification in that sense. forgive me.

the past several months have been pretty eventful. although mostly concentrated in the South Eastern region of the States, not traveling abroad as much as early 2015, it has been a productive period in my life. i’ve really taken this time to develop my passion for working with our youth. i’ve gotten my company, The PUSH Project up and running and it has been an awesome experience.

i’ve been connecting with many young people and speaking at a variety of events.


in the classroom – preparing students for life!

i went to Montego Bay, Jamaica to perform at a benefit event and was spoiled by the most amazing hosts (an older couple who owns a small resort property) by the sea. i started working in the school system as a teacher (on assignment only) to keep my pulse on the lives on young people today, explore better ways to connect with them and try to positively influence them during the short time that i have with them.

OH!! i also got back into theatre and had a feature role in for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf which is Ntozake Shange’s first work and most acclaimed theater piece.


Lady in Yellow!

And… of course, i’ve been working on the MUSIC!!!

i know that’s what many of you wanted to hear about. The MUSIC. 🙂

well… look for new music to be released from me iiinnnnn…I’ll share a date soon.

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you can also visit me at The PUSH Project to see what’s happening with that. 🙂

thanks for staying with me.

you know I love ya. ❤




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