she LIVES.



hey y’all. =) i couldn’t resist naming this post “she lives” because leave it to my blog posts… you would think that i have disappeared! however, if you have been keeping in touch with me via other social media outlets (mainly FB), you know that i am indeed alive and GREAT!

i’m trying to train myself to do better at keeping in touch with everyone. i’m trying to remember (to remember) that not everyone is hooked on FB like me. i really like FB because i am able to easily interact with everyone there…i’m a sucker for instant gratification in that sense. forgive me.

the past several months have been pretty eventful. although mostly concentrated in the South Eastern region of the States, not traveling abroad as much as early 2015, it has been a productive period in my life. i’ve really taken this time to develop my passion for working with our youth. i’ve gotten my company, The PUSH Project up and running and it has been an awesome experience.

i’ve been connecting with many young people and speaking at a variety of events.


in the classroom – preparing students for life!

i went to Montego Bay, Jamaica to perform at a benefit event and was spoiled by the most amazing hosts (an older couple who owns a small resort property) by the sea. i started working in the school system as a teacher (on assignment only) to keep my pulse on the lives on young people today, explore better ways to connect with them and try to positively influence them during the short time that i have with them.

OH!! i also got back into theatre and had a feature role in for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf which is Ntozake Shange’s first work and most acclaimed theater piece.


Lady in Yellow!

And… of course, i’ve been working on the MUSIC!!!

i know that’s what many of you wanted to hear about. The MUSIC. 🙂

well… look for new music to be released from me iiinnnnn…I’ll share a date soon.

for now,  join my list to be the first to know!!

head over to my website to stay in the loop!

you can also visit me at The PUSH Project to see what’s happening with that. 🙂

thanks for staying with me.

you know I love ya. ❤




hip hop for the babies. :)

whaddup. =)

hoping you are beyond well… hoping you are absolutely magnificent!

as for me, I’m pretty good. I’ve spent most of the summer thus far running a hip hop summer camp for 6-12 year olds. it was an  amazing experience. over the course of four weeks, i had an opportunity to teach about 70 children. we talked about hip hop history, danced, wrote rhymes, designed shirts and much more. we talked about the elements of hip hop and my friend, Charlie Chase of The Cold Crush Brothers, even stopped by to connect with my babies. (photos below)

i didn’t realize just how much effort it took to work with young people on a day to day basis! they really need your full attention and each one has different needs. they taught me a lot! (i tip my hat to moms, dads, and full time teachers!) while it was exhausting at times, it was so rewarding.. there is nothing like the love of a child. 🙂

of course, i am still running The Push Project and we will continue to serve youth through our work shops. you can find out more about that at ❤

aside from that, I’m working on the new project and planning an east coast/canada tour for september! yay! if interested in bringing me to your city hit up

all the best. 🙂


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DY Live on ya RADIO!


whaddup peeps!

I will be on the radio, rocking with Ebone Cruz, once again – TOMORROW!! This time I will be joining her and her crew as a guest host on #OnTheCruz!

The theme of this program is a new and fresh radio show designed to “empower and entertain on your daily cruise to work! The anchors of this high-energy, four hour show is packed lively chats from Ebone Cruz show host, personal testimonies, field experts, everyday professionals, and many more other perspectives plus real advice. The show also brings exclusive interviews with top performers, local celebrities, politicians and civic leaders.

Please join us, wherever you are in the world, for a ton of fun. I will be joining them from 12-2PM EST. Tell a friend to tell a friend!! ✌️❤️ #theagmnetwork #onthecruz #dythedreampusher

Morning (or Afternoon :) ) Inspiration!

Nice way to set off this morning’s writing session. Dope. 🙂 ❤


Happy Birthday to Me. :)

imageThis birthday was pretty laid back. I didn’t do too much but I did have a really awesome gift. published a nice feature on me, promoting my work with The Push Project. Pretty cool, huh?

PS: I am still accepting gifts through the rest of the month! 😉 #ariesrule (shouts to my Aries!)

Check out the feature on!

DY @ Bonnaroo??

Hey peeps!

I’m in a contest for a slot at Bonnaroo 2015. If I make it I’ll be rocking alongside some amazing artists like D’Angelo and Kendrick Lamar! I believe that I’m the only hip hop artist in the competition. How dope would it be to win and rep??

I can do it with your help. 🙂

Take two minutes to click the link and vote. Then share. Please. Thank you. You rock. 🙂

❤ ~dynantes

checkin’ in!! <3


its been way too long. 🙂

you guys know me by now though…you are always in my heart but sometimes im just running and roaming and forget to check in. forgive me. i love you. ❤

my nearly 40 days in Europe was absolutely amazing. we visited 13 cities throughout italy, romania, germany and france. amazing. i came home and i hit the ground running… and two months have already passed. 🙂 i will not complain about being busy in a GOOD way, but sometimes i do wish that i could have a moment to just chill and breathe. i cherish those moments. i love when i get to hang out with you guys on facebook ( because i can do that and keep moving at the same time. lol. 🙂 twitter… i often neglect that, i will admit. but you can always reach me on FB.

i just wanted to drop in and say hello! im still here! hopefully my face is still on your phone via my app. 😉

ill fill you guys in on whats been going on since ive gotten home soon… for now, here are a few of my fav pics from the tour, shot by Greg Bryon/ Eight20Eight Inc. you can see more at

Peace and Much Love!!


PIC_7914 PIC_6706 PIC_6691 PIC_8246 (1) PIC_8118 (1) PIC_4989 PIC_7613 PIC_5536 PIC_5352 PIC_5033(1)

The check in! Three shows down!

hey guys!!!

so this post is super late! i meant to share this week, I’ve just been on the move. at this point I’m actually like, six shows in. haha. =)

i will work on another update later. but for now, check out where we were as of last week. 😉

love ya!


Things are going great out here! We even had a couple of off days in Italy so I had time to grab some real authentic gelato from these really cool people. ❤️


Visited a gorgeous church in Rome. The architecture is truly something to marvel at. Check out that ceiling!


Did a little souvenir shopping in Naples. I love that city. 🙂


We went to a reggae party in Naples and I ended up rocking a quick set. It was so dope. Loved the energy of everyone. The team teally had a great time.


I am receiving a lot of gifts on the road. I’m telling you…next time I’m packing underwear and socks. 🙂 I’ll probably have to mail some stuff home but that’s not a bad problem to have. 🙂


I’m really proud of myself for remembering how to pack like my sis, Casandra, taught me to. Haha.


Had a dope interview and photoshoot with Salad Days Magazine before the show in Bologna, Italy. 🙂


münster was DOPE. I was happy to rock there again. We had a great show, the energy was amazing. Afterwards I was blown away by man of booom. I was watching in the front row watching this crew rock, writing rhymes, leaning on the speaker feeling the beat… then they handed me the mic and i jumped up and stated rocking with them. so dope! =)


one part of tour life… always rearranging bags to make the weight limit!!


I was so happy to make it to Rome. It was on my wish list this year. 🙂


Dinner with the crew at a really great spot in Rome called, Necci.


Gotta find time to work out while on tour!! Even if it means missing my hair up a little bit. LOL.


On stage at Skaters Palace in Münster!


Signing everything from T-shirts to snap backs to phone cases. ❤️


Found these weights in the kitchen and decided to get it in real quick.


Was really cool getting to meet Elzhi. 🙂

36 days in Europe…lets get started. #36


Me and Greg heading from Amsterdam to Berlin.


This should be number one..but I’m on my phone and can’t figure out how to move. =P heading to airport from Tampa…kinda bittersweet moment. Some pretty cool things are going on and I’ve gotta go. But I’ll be back before you know it. 🙂 shouts to the #mmfitness #uncommonbreed 😉


Got in. Dropped bags. Saw one of my favorite people, my agent Karin, and her new baby, Ellie! ❤️… And went straight to my favorite local Thai spot. 🙂


Made new friends while waiting for baggage in Berlin. Mordo, a photographer from Scotland, came over while we were waiting for our bags and said “I just had to see the other side of your head… It’s so cool.” Soon after, his wife and father-in-law made their way over too. What a warm welcome! hello Berlin! ✌️❤️


big shouts to Can from becauseweliveit for coming through and blessing me with some dope gear including my custom DY/A Star in Life’s Clothing jacket. 🙂 Thank you and Tomi for booking me to rock in Munich on December 18 at Import Export! Happy to add it to the tour!


Ohhh…just the mailboxes at our hotel.


Well, I thought that I’d done a good job packing light…but not so much. Had to clear out room in my bag and ended up leaving a whole crate of stuff at Karin’s office…and I’m already receiving gifts. Looks like I’ll be shipping some stuff home!

….Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Romania…see you soon!

A Star in Life’s Clothing Tour Part II is almost ready for take off!

We kick off on 12/5 in Bologna, Italy @ Club Link!

I can’t wait to connect with you all. ❤

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