supadynasty. dirty biz. last night, we were heading home from the Berlin gig (which was packed and amazing!! ) and when we got to the stairs, to exit the area… there were huge rats running around… i mean RUNNING and JUMPING!! lol. never seen anything like it! yo… after a few loud squeals (i wasnt the only one ) i just RAN up the stairs… kicking my legs behind me so fast and hard that i kicked Greg‘s black fist afro pick out of his hair…lol!!…the pick bounced down the steps one by one…he turned to grab it and almost knocked Sandman (who was running up the stairs too, with a big box) backwards down the stairs with guys thought i was a true thug because apparently, a rat was running up the railing right under my feet… so it looked like i was chasing HIM… but i had no clue. i just wanted to escape. the end. (this really happened.)

maybe this is why i love Berlin so much.. it reminds me of NYC. =P those were subway rats on caffeine.

btw, this is where i shot:




Its midnight here in Krakow, Poland.. the last two days in Poland have been so incredible..

I have a lot to say, but not a lot of time right now, but we will catch up!

In the meantime, check this interview on “Chillin’ With…” for the 10th Annual Hip Opsession. I really like it!


(this is long, but it’s special) …we were waiting on a bus to board our flight from Geneva to Berlin when a large group of children, mostly girls, around 10 to 12 started to get on. They were all looking at me, talking and giggling…sandman and I smiled and I tried to ignore it. After a while my curiosity got the best of me so I asked what they were saying… one replied “they say you look like Rihanna.” (lol! it’s the hair..) then another “your hair is beautiful”…and another “your shoes are cool!” …I told them that I’m an artist and that I am touring Europe. “Are you on YouTube?”…”with your OWN songs??” they were so excited. I grabbed a bunch of my cards and gave one to each of them. They made me sign every single one! lol. On the plane, they wrote me some letters and I wrote one back. I hope to get to visit them when I am in Berlin, although the time will be short. The beautiful thing about children is that they move on energy…they don’t know my music, but they were so loving and kind. I will always remember them. ❤

Heading to Poland…

4:57pm …on a flight from Geneva, France to Berlin, Germany.

As I already told you, Lyon was absolutely incredible. The culture is alive and well there…it’s such a beautiful thing to connect with hiphop heads across the ocean. This culture truly transcends all boundaries.

We have a show in Poznan, Poland tonight. We had a two hour car ride to the airport. I slept for most of it…when I opened my eyes and took out my headphones I heard Sandman saying that we might miss our flight. Those are the last words you want to wake up to! I looked at the time…it was 2:30…boarding time…3:30. “relax D, it’s cool…you’ll make it”…I tried to stay positive even though we were surrounded by mountains and there was no airport in sight. These mountains, majestic and beautiful, were calming enough to keep me from entering panic-mode.

We walked into the airport at 3:05 and were met by a long bag drop line.  DJ Boogie Blind had warned us via a FB comment about Easy Jet…and here we were …LATE. Fortunately, Sum has a friend who is an easyJet agent and she pulled us from the line to expedite our check in…she also blessed us by allowing us to check an additional bag for free. Apparently you can only have ONE carry one with no personal item on easyJet.  She handed us our boarding passes and said “run”…and we did. We made it to the gate in time for boarding and breathed a (heaving) sigh of relief.

Something beautiful happened after that but I’ll share in another post. =)

Poznan…here we come.


Lyon Check-In. =)

Lyon Check-In. =) a video by Ya Girl DY on Flickr.

we had such a DOPE show tonight.

thank you, Sum!! it was perfect.

Lyon has taken a part of my heart. I will be back. ❤


Gothenburg – 2/20

dear gothenburg,

it was nice to meet you.

I didn’t even get to see you in the daylight but still…I think I love you.

we got in at 7:45pm…and now we are sneaking out at 4:45 am…catching a red eye. somethin’ about this feels so wrong. 😉

really though.. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a club that has a basketball court on the dance floor…and when y’all were still shooting hoops while sandman was warming up…I thought “word?…so y’all really just gonna play a game of H.O.R.S.E. through my set?”…  but as soon as I hit the stage you all headed my way and we had a lovely evening together. thank you. even though i got busted in the face by a basketball.. (i knew it would happen) while chillin’ after the show… i still love you.

now… for everyone else, you should know that I am runnin’ on fumes right now. not sure when the crash will hit…but it will. I like to get my 7-8 hours of sleep and as of now, I haven’t been to sleep since yesterday morning.

we arrive in Lyon around noon and my first stop is BED.




I meant to tell you this yesterday… well, the other yesterday.


2:28 pm.

on the train from Paris to Nantes…you know, I’m still trying to determine the proper way to pronounce that. Is it Nantes like Pants?…or does it sound like Nonce? or…like Non-tes? I’ll figure it out before I hit the stage. 😉 just finished the set list.. it’s a long one. I hope my Nantes peeps really want an hour with me! it always flies by anyway though.

I’m really looking forward to rocking at hip opsession. this was actually the “anchor” show for this tour. It’s the Jakarta Records night. Premier rocked this festival a few days ago. would have been dope to catch him out here.

the schedule is pretty hectic. we started traveling at 730am and we will arrive in Nantes around 430 and head straight to soundcheck. from there, I’ll head to the hotel to get ready…then I have an interview and the show starts. i am closing the show, but if course I wanna be there early to support my Jakarta Records crew…plus I am a fan of iamnobodi.  =)

I’m not even sure if we will sleep after the show.  we’ll prob be home close to 3am and we have a 630am flight. ouch.

10th Anniversary HIP OPSession - Nantes, France

…what an amazing night.

first show of the tour.. the crowds energy was incredible.. got to chill with my Jakarta Records crew…and even pulled IAMNOBODI up on stage during After Laughter. LoL. that was probably the highlight of the night.

we got back to the hotel around 2…couldnt find anything good to eat so we feasted on some peanut butter and granola bars. bangin.

went to bed around 3:30 am… up at 6 to prepare for the 12 hour journey to Sweden. left at 7:45am. currently at the airport in Paris after two trains…

will definitely post a bit more when I can.

when we arrive in Sweden it will be 7:45.. we head straight to soundcheck and dinner. will maybe have an hour to prepare for showtime..

oh and tomorrow, we have a 6:20am flight back to France.. this time, to Lyon.

crazy! but i got this!


In these (London) Streets, son!…tourist style.

In these (London) Streets, son!…tourist style. a video by Ya Girl DY on Flickr.

Since the show was canceled tonight, Sandman and I decided to check out the city a lil bit. We didn’t even realize that we were right around the corner from The Jazz Cafe, where our show was supposed to go down.

Sorry to those of you who purchased tix. I really wanted to see you too!

All good, we’ll be back again London! 😉

Tomorrow – Nantes, France!

Tour Update!

Tour Update: Looks like we may have a new gig in London tomorrow! Will post details as soon as they are available. =) Also, added a show in Budapest, Hungary on March 3rd!



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